What Can Credit Repair Do For You?

Studies show, if you have poor credit, you will spend an average of $200,000 more throughout your lifetime than someone who has good or great credit.


Qualifying for a Mortgage

Need to Move?

When life changes happen, better credit gets you more home for your money and a lower monthly payment.

Buying A Car

Drive The Car You Really Want

Better credit lowers your insurance premiums, monthly payments, and gets you more car for your money.

Investing in Education

Knowledge is Power

Give yourself and your children the gift of paid education. Better credit can lower the monthly repayment amount after graduation.

Interest Rates

Better Financing

Interest makes up a large portion of your monthly payment on everything you finance. Better credit lowers your monthly payments.

Any item that is found to be inaccurate, unverifiable, or out of date can be permanently deleted from your credit report.

How It Works

We Dispute Negative Items On Your Credit Report to Restore Your Credit Score

Send Your Credit Report

Upload your documents online and we immediately get to work negotiating with creditors to remove negative items.

Track Your Progress

Login to your client portal at any time to see every item we've removed and how far you have left to reach your goal.

Get Approved!

With The Credit Gym, you NEVER pay a cancellation fee - EVER! It's time to enjoy your new home, new car, and lower monthly payments!

Full Transparency

What makes credit repair with The Credit Gym worth every penny? You can track your progress in real-time.

When you become a The Credit Gym credit repair client, you get your very own client access portal, so you know exactly what items are being removed from your credit report each month.

Your Progress

“You still have 48 Points to go before loan approval.”

Over 35 Years in the Industry

White Glove Credit Repair Service

Reach Your Goals 3x Faster Than Big-Box Firms

Simultaneous Disputes to


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Chicago, IL
TheCreditGym.com was much better than any credit restoration programs that I have used in the past. Unlike other credit repair companies, they were worth every penny. I found them patient, effective and knowledgeable. My score is now up more than 100 points and I was able to get a car loan with very little money down.”
Denver, CO
The Credit Gym has really improved my credit score and I could never have done this by myself. They are not a waste of time or money like other companies, and they get results! I am a single parent, and I used to lay awake at night worrying if I would ever be able to help my daughter get a college loan or save for my retirement. But thanks to Joe at The Credit Gym my credit is up and I just co-signed for my daughter's loan last week. I am about to start my retirement account and can finally sleep at night.
New York, NY
My credit was a dark cloud hanging over me for years. I was always worried about my financial future and if I would ever been able to afford things, like a home loan or a new car. But thanks to a good friend who referred me, I joined and I have never felt better. The Credit Gym was everything my friend said they would be: knowledgeable, helpful and effective. I now feel like that cloud has been lifted and I have a bright financial future ahead of me.
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