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Our revolutionary Business Credit Builder allows business owners to fund their next big idea. Get up to $50,000 in business credit today, even with bad personal credit.

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Business Credit Suite

The Credit Gym offers the ONLY STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM for setting up your business THE RIGHT WAY to GUARANTEE APPROVAL. Get $500,000 or more in business funding, business credit lines, and more.

EVEN if you have bad personal credit.

Expand Your Enterprise.

Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Applying For Business Credit or Business Loans

It Is Critical To Set Up Your Enterprise Through Your EIN, not Your Personal Social Security Number.

No CONSUMER CREDIT CHECK NEEDED when you apply for our funding programs using your Business Tax ID Number!! Our step-by-step process helps you protect your personal credit and gets you approved for a business loan even if you have bad personal credit!

Just like consumer credit, your business needs to build credit to become lendable. Banks won’t lend money to businesses unless they can show proof of paying back the bill! 

Our Business Credit Builder is THE FASTEST WAY to build business credit. Our program guarantees an immediate $50,000 in credit approval! Easily set up trade and merchant credit accounts that help you finance equipment, purchase supplies, or hire contractors.

Personal credit cards and even traditional business credit cards have LOW LIMITS, making it hard to finance expensive business equipment and supplies.

Our Finance Suite Customers immediately get access to high-limit revolving credit with most major retailers in 60 days or less. Business credit limits are on average, over 10 times higher than consumer credit!

We provide you with credit and funding offers you will AUTOMATICALLY get approved for. No more waiting & wondering.

Lenders and credit issuers have a secret set of standards you must meet to get approved for loans, credit lines, and business credit. If you’ve ever been rejected for a loan, you’ve probably been left wondering why…

We help you meet these standards before you apply for funding, so you can get approved quickly. Plus, we automatically match you with the best offers for you. Save time and stop searching for funding with the PCA Business Finance Suite.

Using the Business Finance Suite to Set Up Your Business THE RIGHT WAY Saves Business Owners YEARS of Financial Stress, and Frustration.

Build Credit FAST and Get Funded FASTER.

No other company allows business owners to streamline the process of submitting accurate and credible business information, create high-limit revolving merchant accounts that report directly to the credit bureaus, AND access business funding ALL IN ONE PLACE, with a dedicated advisor to help you through the process.


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“I completely got my moneys worth. When it comes to establishing business credit, this is the best program for growing both startups & established businesses…

Kudos to the PCA team in helping me avoid all the pitfalls…

Brian S., CEO



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